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There’s somewhere for everyone in the 29 counties of Metro Atlanta. Chill, walkable neighborhoods full of unique shops. Modern apartments close to music venues and restaurants. And nature that’s always close at hand. Whether you want to commute by bike, car, skateboard, golf cart, or railcar, Atlanta is where you belong.

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There are hundreds of neighborhoods and cities, each with its own charms and pace of life.

When you come to Atlanta, you’ll quickly hear the terms ITP and OTP. But Atlanta isn’t defined by life inside the perimeter and outside the perimeter. Each region has its own unique blend of urban centers, residences and green spaces.

Comfy residential area where everyone commutes by golf cart? Atlanta has that.
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Glittering apartments next to performance art centers and museums? Atlanta has that.
Quaint shops and walkable town centers? Atlanta has that.
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As you explore all that Metro Atlanta has to offer, look for an area that fits your lifestyle and interests.

We’re sure you’ll find it.
Metro Atlantans

Atlanta has been my window to the world, offering the opportunity to learn and the freedom to chase my dreams.

SouhailNew Product Development at UPS
Metro Atlantans

Atlanta is the Goldilocks Zone: Just close enough to the hustle and bustle where Southern hospitality is alive and well.

MeghanVP, Fraud Detection & Response at Equifax
Metro Atlantans

I love living in Atlanta. You can find whatever it is that you’re interested in from networking to food to hobbies, you name it!

WesleyDirector of Esports at Atlanta Hawks